Rutgers grad student's desperate plea for return of data on stolen laptop going viral

A Rutgers University graduate student is having a terrible week, and now the whole world seems to know about it. When the student’s laptop was stolen on campus last Friday, he filed a police report and apparently printed leaflets begging for help, even offering the thief up to $1,000 for the safe return of the five years’ worth of data stored on the device he needs to defend his graduate thesis. 

Using Windows for a Day Cost Mac User $100,000

David Green normally only accessed his company's online bank account from his trusty Maclaptop. Then one day this April while he was home sick, Green found himself needing to authorize a transfer of money out of his firm’s account. Trouble was, he’d left his Mac at work. So he decided to log in to the company’s bank account using his wife's Windows PC. Unfortunately for Green, that PC was the same computer his kids used to browse the Web, chat, and play games online. It was also the same computer that organized thieves had already compromised with a password-stealing Trojan horse program.

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