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Saboteurs slip Dendroid RAT into Google Play

By Thursday, different researchers at mobile security firm Lookout revealed that a limited number of Android users had already been tricked into downloading the malware. Marc Rogers, principal security researcher at San Francisco-based Lookout, wrote in the Thursday post that Dendroid had been slipped into Google Play, though the spurious app was speedily removed. According to an Ars Technica report, the malware was masquerading as a legitimate app called Parental Control, and had been downloaded 10 to 50 times before Google took it down.

NJ police chief offers spy seminars for parents of Facebook-friendly kids

Maybe it was the Craigslist Killer that put them over the edge, or perhaps the "Dateline" segment “To Catch a Predator” freaked them out. Whatever the impetus, the Internet has one police department schooling parents on how to spy on their kids’ activities online -- particularly when it comes to Facebook. The police department in Mahwah, N.J. is offering free hacking seminars, organized by Police Chief James Batelli and his detectives, to teach parents how to install and use spyware on home computers

How to Buy Security Software

If you want Internet connectivity (and who doesn't!) then you absolutely must protect your computer from a wide range of potential dangers. What's that you say? Windows 7 is the most secure Windows version yet? True, it has its own firewall and antivirus. Believe me, you need more. 
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