The OIT Division of Information Protection and Security is a service oriented organization providing assistance in a number of functions.


The Rutgers University Computing Incident Response Team (RU CIRT) serves the Rutgers computing community. The RU CIRT handles incidents in which Rutgers hosts cause problems. The contact email address is:
This page can be directly accessed via 

Digital Forensics Services

IPS offers digital forensic examination of network devices on behalf of departments.  Contact to engage our services. 

Mailing Lists

OIT supports two different mailing lists on security. 


October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

IT security is everyone's responsibility. This October we highlighted how data and mobile equipment theft can be avoided. Theft is not limited to physical posessions, but digital (data), storage (mobile equipment), identity and others related to information.  Our roles in security are important, both physical and digital.  Keep an eye out for short videos on RU-tv, blogs, Targum publications and online button ad reminders, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook!

Security Awareness, Training and Communication

Security Awareness is the tool most used to inform and educate users on policy and accepted practices and procedures that support the university.  It is often the most important and, in many ways, the least expensive way to impact the overall security of an organization. An organization's staff is the most cost-effective countermeasure against security compromises and IT security depends on the cooperation of every user.